I’d drink a half gallon of her piss just to get close enough to where it come from

– Quotes from the job, Special Bob



The first week of this trip left me with answers for questions that I felt had already been answered.  I was wrong.  There are those who can go and be, without effort or reason.  Contrary to previous introspections, I do not fall under that category.  Although I envy the wandering traveller, this rebel needs a cause.  

It seems that everywhere we turn, there is something that could be argued or disputed.  Something to stand for, something to stand against.  In academia for instance, we are challenged to either accept or reject the perspectives levied on us, daily.  

Fast forward to the first morning on Rapa Nui.  The scenery is different, but basic needs are the same.  Food, water, shelter; once taken care of… I am lost.  Many times I have dreamed of having no direction or no plans, but once the time came, I realized just how much I enjoy the life I have been living.  A purpose driven life keeps things interesting. 

In this situation, purpose had to be sought.  It was found on a farm near the southern coast.  A Chilean couple with land to work and a need for helpers.  During my time there, I learned what it takes to feed an island.  More than 90% of Rapa Nui’s goods(including food) are imported from Chile.  LAN Chile is the one and only airline with rights to the airport.  It is their responsibility to deliver cargo twice a day from the continent.  Marco, the Chilean farm, sees it as a part of his responsibility to make sure that crisis can be averted.  If the plane does not come.  Marco is preparing to feed an island.  

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